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Online Catalogue Upgrade Features eCommerce Function

24 January 2018

UN Women Training Centre's revamped online catalogue launches 4 brand new self-paced courses in different languages starting today at The catalogue, which includes over 30 courses, has a new feature that allows users to enroll directly in any of the UN Women Training Centre's paid training programmes, using their credit or debit cards.

This same portal also houses all of the UN Women Training Centre's free open-access courses. Simply click the name of the course you wish to enroll in and then click "add to cart", then fill in all required information. If the selected training is for free, the total amount will be zero.

You can also check our complete course list by downloading our at a glance catalogue in PDF format, by clicking the image below:

Catalogue At a Glance

Download the at a glance catalogue by clicking the image above.

Due to the technical and security improvements applied to our platform, all current users will need to change their password to regain access to their courses and certificates. Please follow the instructions on the page to update your password and login.

Amongst the new available courses of 2018, made available thanks to the e-Commerce function, are the following:

Understanding masculinities and violence against women and girls: An Introduction aims to increase understanding about masculinity and its connection to violence against women and girls, identifying actions to challenge harmful masculine norms and practices as a process to promote gender justice.

Introduction to the Care Economy aims to enhance awareness, knowledge and understanding of the critical nature of care, care work, and care economy in the context of human development, gender equality and women’s empowerment.

Finally, the Gender Responsive Budgeting (GRB) self-paced course’s learning objectives are to advance knowledge on the relationship between GRB, gender equality, human rights, human development, and good governance. Users of this course will be able to recognize the predominant analytical frameworks and tools for GRB initiatives during the budget cycle, the potential scope of interventions and the role of possible key actors in these activities.

You can register for any of the above in addition to our other training courses at /portal