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Virtual Dialogue on Compendium of Good Practices in Training for Gender Equality

26 July 2016

The UN Women Training Centre is pleased to announce the Virtual Dialogue on the Compendium of Good Practices in Training for Gender Equality, a compilation of exemplary experiences in the field. This Virtual Dialogue will be held from 29 August – 16 September in English and Spanish through the Training Centre’s Community of Practice (CoP).

Convening experts, practitioners, researchers, academics and organisations, this Virtual Dialogue will offer a unique space to reflect on key elements of good practices in training for gender equality, the challenges training may face, and ways of collectively overcoming these hurdles.

The Virtual Dialogue is organized in the following way:

Week 1: (29th August - 2nd September): week-long discussion of the Compendium of Practices in Training for Gender Equality

Week 2: (6th September) Webinar in English (click here to listen to the podcast of the English Webinar)

(8th September) Webinar in Spanish (click here to listen to the podcast of the Spanish Webinar)

Week 3: Dedicated discussions on the CoP platform through the panel discussion and discussion forum

Webinar Speakers/Panel Members (English-language Webinar, Tuesday 6th September 2016:

  • Mehrinaz El Awady, Deputy Director/Chief of Section, Centre for Women, United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA)
  • Jane Kato-Wallace, Senior Program Officer, Promundo-US
  • Amit Kumar Singh, Country Representative, ASI
  • Dr Jenn Williamson, Director of Gender Mainstreaming & Women’s Empowerment, ACDI/VOCA

Webinar Speakers/Panel Members (Spanish-language Webinar), Thursday 8th September 2016:

  • Jaqueline Durán Cossio, Transforming of women's lives through empowerment via radio communications, Bolivia
  • Áurea Da Silva Garcia, Environmental Educator, MUPAN
  • Vanessa Fonseca, Program Coordinator, Promundo
  • Danielle Lopes Bittencourt, Project Coordinator, Promundo

For full information regarding Virtual Dialogue programme and schedule, please consult the concept note below: