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UN Women Training Centre Delivers Webinar on the Gender Agenda in Habitat III

8 February 2016

Looking ahead to the next summit of Habitat III, on housing and sustainable development, in October 2016, the UN Women Training Center presented the webinar "The Gender Agenda in Habitat III". This webinar was centered around the presence of women and women's agenda for Habitat III, the key issues under discussion and the implications of this conference for the advancement of gender equality in the region.

The webinar also served to provide information on the "Gender Equality in Latin America and the Caribbean" course offered by the UN Women Training Center.

The panelist:

Ana Falú, is a professor and researcher at the National University of Cordoba, Argentina. She manages the Research Institute for Housing and Habitat. She obtained her postgraduate degree in Bowcentrum International Education and Technological Universiteit in Delft, Netherlands. Falú was Regional Director of UN Women (formerly UNIFEM) Andean Countries, Brazil and Southern Cone Countries until 2009. Currently, she is part as an expert of Haggi, a Consultative Group on Gender Inclusion of the Executive Director of UN Habitat. She coordinates the Gender Core Knowledge at the same UN agency. She is a founding member of the Women and Habitat Network of Latin America. Author of articles and books on issues of Housing and Urban Affairs and Housing and Gender. She also impulses in the region the program Cities without Violence for Women Safer Cities for All since 2004.

The Moderators:

Maria Arboleda, Ecuador, studies in Sociology and Political Science, Specialization in Local Superior Management, Master of Philosophy China and Training "Asia-Pacific". She is a consultant on gender, intercultural and decentralization. He has worked with UN Women and UNDP (United Nations), with the National Council of Women of Ecuador. There has collaborated with the Latin American and Caribbean Women Local Authorities, led the women's program and municipalities (1990-1997) of the International Union of Local Authorities IULA - Latin American Chapter. He studied applied to women in local governments in Latin America and technical assistance in local public policies that guarantee women's rights. He coordinated participatory research area of the Convention for the empowerment of women and various popular Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil and Peru - with OXFAM INTERMON and AECID.

Maria Eugenia Rojas Valverde, Bolivian defender of political rights of women over 18 years of experience in economic, political and social analysis, including gender issues and political participation of women, women's associative and municipal development autonomic. Master degree in economics at the Catholic University Financial Boliviano. It has also carried out various programs and national and international graduates in areas of Public Management, Promotion of Community Development, among others. He was administrator and responsible for SMEs and micro-credit programs, especially aimed at women. He has held management positions in the Association of Councillors and Mayors of Bolivia and the Ministry of Economic Development in the Autonomous Municipal Government of La Paz.

If you missed this webinar and/or would like to review it you can watch it at:

You can also access the presentation given by Ana Falú

As well as the two documents kindly shared by Ana Falú about discussions on gender and Habitat III:

Dialogue: The urban economy (Spanish)

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