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I Know Gender Course Module on Gender Equality in Emergencies Now Available!

8 June 2016

UN Women Training Centre is pleased to introduce Gender Equality in Emergencies, a new module part of the “I Know Gender” online course. This module, developed in partnership with the World Food Programme (WFP), addresses the importance of promoting gender equality and the empowerment of women during all operations, including humanitarian emergencies.

The module Gender Equality in Emergencies, will help learners: 

  • Recognize why it is important to pay attention to gender issues in emergency situations;
  • Explain how to ensure that gender issues are systematically addressed;
  • Identify the different types of emergencies, the levels of involvement, and the relevance of incorporating a gender perspective into emergency situations.

Additionally, this module will help UN staff clarify their roles in promoting gender equality in any emergency situation, regardless of job descriptions.

The “I Know Gender” course of which this module is part of, aims to strengthen or develop awareness and understanding of gender equality and women’s empowerment as a first step towards behavioral change and the integration of a gender perspective into everyday work.

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