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    This online community and platform aims to support the informed discussion and reflection on the current trends of training and capacity development for gender equality, the collection and dissemination of good practices and the identification of institutions, opportunities and resources for training for gender equality at the global level.

    The Community of Practice on Training for Gender Equality (CoP) provides an open forum for dialogue on new and emerging issues related to training and capacity development processes, as well as a platform for articulation and knowledge exchange between training for gender equality practitioners, gender equality specialists, and other key stakeholders from all around the world.

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  • General Discussion Forum

    This discussion forum is a space in which CoP members can post threads on topics related to training for gender equality – we hope that this will become a focal point for debates and exchange between our members.

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    • Virtual Dialogues

      Virtual dialogues are online discussions that aim to motivate debate, exchange of good practices, resources, ideas, and information on different topics related to Training for Gender Equality that respond to the interests, needs and mission of the UN Women Community of Practice.

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      Virtual Dialogue October 2017
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