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Towards gender equality in humanitarian response: Addressing the needs of women & men in Gaza. A guidebook for the humanitarian sector


This guidebook aims to provide actors in Gaza with guidance on gender analysis, planning and actions to ensure that the needs, contributions and capacities of women, girls, boys and men are considered in all aspects of humanitarian response. It also offers checklists to assist in monitoring gender equality programming.


The first section includes the Basics of Gender in Crisis and sets forth the overarching framework of gender equality programming in humanitarian action. It defines terms and explains the relevance of gender equality in crisis situations.

The second section provides sector- and cluster-specific guidance. UNIFEM, OCHA and GenCap Adviser in the oPt have organized consultative meetings with the humanitarian sector/clusters, international NGOs and the UN Gender Task Force in Jerusalem and Gaza to comment on the draft of these chapters.


The target audience for this guidebook are field practitioners responding to the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. In particular, the guidebook targets sector/cluster actors. This will also benefit Humanitarian Country Team, Humanitarian Coordinator and others in leadership positions will also benefit from the handbook as it provides guidance on how to analyze the situation from a gender perspective, implement gender-sensitive activities and measure effectiveness. The guidebook will also assist donors in holding humanitarian actors accountable for integrating gender perspectives and promoting equality in all aspects of their work.