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Using CEDAW and UNSC Resolutions on Women, Peace and Security for Advancing Gender Equality: Training Manual


The purpose of the training manual is to raise awareness of gender equality in governments and civil society in the Southern Caucasus, Central and South Asia through support to the implementation of CEDAW and UNSC resolutions on Women, Peace and Security. It will increase awareness of the obligations under CEDAW and UNSCRs 1325, 1820, 1888, 1889, 1960, and the “how” of the national application of these obligations. It also aims to improve understanding on the linkages between the core principles found in CEDAW and UNSCRs.


  • CEDAW and the Women, Peace and Security Agenda
  • Session 1: Introduction, Background and Security Agenda
  • Session 2: Gender Equality and Empowerment
  • Session 3: CEDAW: Significance and Legal Authority
  • Session 4: UN Security Council Resolutions on Women, Peace and Security
  • Session 5: National Legislative and Executive Mechanisms Protecting Women's Rights
  • Session 6: Applying CEDAW and UNSC WPS Resolutions in the Local Context


This manual is designed for advocates who work to promote gender equality, CEDAW and the women, peace and security particularly in Southern Caucasus, Central and South Asia.