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Training Centre holds Webinar for Gender Focal Points

25 April 2016

On 13 April, the UN Women Training Centre held the Webinar Gender Focal Points as Agents of Change. The Webinar aimed to present Gender Focal Points and interested UN Staff with the concept of the UN System Gender Focal Point as an agent of change by not only drawing attention to the issues of gender equality, but also serving as a hub of information and providing the necessary tools and skills to enable UN Staff to adopt practices that advance Gender Equality.

compendium cover

Now Available! Compendium of Good Practices in Training for Gender Equality

25 April 2016

The UN Women Training Center is pleased to present the Compendium of Good Practices in Training for Gender Equality, which aims to make both an empirical and an analytical contribution to the field of training for gender equality. The Compendium offers in-depth information on ten different good practices, including detailed outlines of training courses, examples of dealing with challenges, and a collection of tools and activities for use in training for gender equality.

typology cover

Training Centre Presents Typology on Training for Gender Equality

25 April 2016

The UN Women Training Centre is pleased to present the Typology on Training for Gender Equality, a classification of the types of training for gender equality: awareness-raising and consciousness-building, knowledge enhancement, skills training, change in attitudes/behaviours, and mobilisation for social transformation. The Typology aims to support training commissioners to plan, develop, design, deliver and evaluate training-related activities.

Gender Focal Points Course

Registration open for UN System Gender Focal Points Course!

31 March 2016

The Empowering UN System Gender Focal Points course explores key areas related to gender equality and the empowerment of women. It examines the UN Gender architecture and reviews strategies and tools to identify and address gender equality challenges within the UN. It reviews gender mainstreaming tools (such as gender markers and the UN System Wide Approach on Gender Equality) and their concrete application. The course also addresses communication and advocacy tools to promote gender equality.

UN Women Training Centre Delivers Webinar on the Gender Agenda in Habitat III

8 February 2016

Looking ahead to the next summit of Habitat III, on housing and sustainable development, in October 2016, the UN Women Training Center presented the webinar "The Gender Agenda in Habitat III". This webinar was centered around the presence of women and women's agenda for Habitat III, the key issues under discussion and the implications of this conference for the advancement of gender equality in the region.