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Training Workshop: Empowering UN System Gender Focal Points

8 September 2015

The UN Women Training Centre held the Face-to-Face part of a Training of Trainers (ToT) to support UN System Gender Focal Points from August 31 to September 4. The course was designed for specific UN Women staff so they can support and ensure the adequate, consistent and efficient performance of their appointed Gender Focal Points. Participants were trained to provide training for Gender Focal Points from different agencies and different geographic regions to ensure a consistent and high level quality in strengthening the gender related capacities across the UN system in support of the “Empowering UN system Gender Focal Points” course offered by the Training Centre.

This ToT, organized jointly with ITC-ILO, aimed to enhance these 20 UN Women trainers’ ability to plan, conduct, and evaluate capacity enhancement strategies and training activities for nominated gender focal points across the UN System.

This training complements the online part of this Training of Trainers, which was carried out 3-29 August 2015. The following were addressed during this workshop:

  • Basic gender concepts
  • Gender analysis skills
  • Thematic areas dealing with key gender and women’s issues
  • International normative framework for gender equality
  • Gender mainstreaming tools
  • Ways to include a gender perspective into monitoring (RBM) and evaluation methods and frameworks
  • Communications and advocacy
  • Resistances and negotiations

The course “Empowering UN system Gender Focal Points” that this Training of Trainers intends to support, is a blended course available through the UN Women Training Centre eLearning Campus. More information is available through the course catalogue.