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Embark on the path to transform your leadership skills

5 October 2018

UN Women / Ryan Brown

The UN Women Training Centre is proud to announce the release of the Learning Pathway on Transformative Leadership for Gender Equality. Through a wide range of resources, such as articles, checklists, videos, statistics and hands-on advice, this learning pathway aims to increase capacity for active leadership in the middle levels of UN or similar public organizations to lead on gender equality from their current posts and positions to champion gender equality in their future careers.

Students will learn how to exert strategic influence, leadership and advocacy for gender equality in ways appropriate to their level to move a range of organizational processes in gender-inclusive directions. They will be able to model good leadership practices in their own performance and encourage it in the work of others so that the organisational culture is improved, and all can achieve stronger gender-equality results.

The pathway includes 6 guided modules, each taking 2-4 hours to complete, for a total core course length of 15-20 hours. If the user wishes to explore other priorities and interests, this is possible through further optional links and readings that are given for most modules. The learning experience is supported by a workbook, which is designed to record each participant’s insights, an action plan to assist in the application of the acquired knowledge in different work environments, among others.

This learning pathway is a pilot course and for this reason, it is available for free at the moment. Participants are strongly encouraged to provide feedback on their learning experience at

To enrol in the course, please click here.