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UN Women Training Centre Annual Report 2014

10 June 2015

The UN Women Training Centre is pleased to announce the publication of its Annual Report 2014. The report details the progress the UN Women Training Centre has made in supporting the commitment towards gender equality through offering high-quality training for gender equality. The training activities comprise a large variety of diverse training courses, programmes, tools and services.

In October 2014, the Centre launched the UN Women eLearning Campus which is an online platform that allows for a broader access to its training programmes. The Campus offers a variety of online training courses that can be accessed through a flexible learning experience made available to a global audience. One of these online courses is the I Know Gender course which aims to provide basic gender knowledge.

In the same year, the face-to-face course Understanding Masculinity and Violence against Women and Girls has been delivered six times and has reached 100 participants. This course aims to initiate a process of self-reflection, self-examination and conscious-building on masculinity for personal as well as organizational transformation. Moreover, the course catalogue of 2014 features diverse gender issues and includes courses on topics such as Care Economy, Gender Focal Points, Gender and Migration, and Gender Audit.

The UN Women Training Centre also offers trainers and experts the possibility of making full use of the Community of Practice on Training for Gender Equality which is an online knowledge-sharing platform. It aims to exchange and share good practices and innovative tools and inspires discussion on key issues related to training for gender equality. The UN Women Training Centre has also set up the Roster of Gender Training Experts which seeks to identify and mobilise a diverse range of experts and trainers on gender equality.

To learn more about the result achieved by the UN Women Training Center in 2014, please read the full Annual Report here