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Learn more about results-based management in UN Women through a new self-paced course

5 October 2018

UN Women / Leticia Berrizbeitia

The UN Women Training Centre is proud to make available, through its e-Learning campus, a new self-paced course on results-based management (RBM), which has been developed by UN Women’s Planning, Programme and Guidance Unit. The online training has been designed to equip UN Women staff with the knowledge and skills to apply results-based management principles in supporting UN Women programming processes.

The course, divided into 10 modules, offers a mix of tools and information for advancing the implementation of RBM and strengthening the quality of UN Women planning, implementation, monitoring and reporting at the country, regional and corporate level.

The aim of the course is that participants become knowledgeable about RBM and its practical application, as well as the extent to which the implementation of RBM techniques has an impact on UN Women processes. It demonstrates how RBM contributes to national efforts for achieving development results and shapes countries’ approaches to programme design, implementation and management for results in development.

Please register to the course by clicking here.