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Implementing gender responsive budgeting is essential for the advancement of the Agenda 2030

2 May 2018

Making the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into a tangible reality is a challenge that requires governments, institutions and organisations to manage its resources from a gender perspective. In 2018 the UN Women Training Centre’s courses on Gender Responsive Budgeting (GRB) will therefore contribute to the indicator number 5.c.1 of the SDGs.

This indicator measures governmental efforts to monitor budget allocations intended for gender equality throughout the course of public financial management. 5.c.1 is the only indicator in the monitoring framework for SDGs that links the national budgets with the implementation of legislation and policies in the name of gender equality and women’s empowerment (Objective 5.c.).

The UN Women Training Centre has four years of experience holding these GRB courses, with expert trainers available to teach in English, Spanish and French. Furthermore, the participants are able to choose from different methods of training. These include:

Online Self-paced course: Recommended for organizations to create a common understanding of GRB among its personal.. This course is available throughout the year, enrol  now by clicking below:

Self-paced in English

Self-paced in Spanish

Self-Paced in French

Online Moderated course: This method is recommended in order to support and empower groups that are in the process of designing and/or implementing GRB. In 2018, the course will take place from 3 September to 23 November. Enrol yourself now by clicking one of the links below:

Moderated in English

Moderated in Spanish

Moderated in French

Face-to-Face workshop: This modality is recommended for those who wish to improve the quality of the processes for GRB with support of experts in the area and through networking. The current available dates and locations for this training modality are:

Workshop in French (Rabat - Morroco): from 2 to 6 July. Register here! You can also download the flyer in French for more information.

Workshop in English (Istanbul - Turkey): from 22 to 26 October. Register here! You can also download the flyer in English for more information.

In general, the objectives of the GRB courses are:

To improve the analytical and practical competencies of the professionals working in this area. Taking their competencies from an idea to a reality by developing one’s budgeting analysis from the gender perspective and by improving one’s understanding of the gender dimension in each stage of development of policies and budgets.

To develop the necessary skills to identify the starting points for introducing the processes of GRB and to design a sustainable strategy.

For more information please read the full catalogue of trainings at and download this information leaflet on Gender Responsive Budgeting