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ITC-ILO and UN Women Training Centre receiving applications for Empowering UN System Gender Focal Points.

5 March 2018

With more than 7 years of ongoing partnership for Training for Gender Equality, the International Labour Organization Training Centre (ITC-ILO) and the UN Women Training Centre opened the application process for the Empowering UN System Gender Focal Points (GFP) course. The 2018 edition of this training proposes the accustomed blended modality programme, encompassing an online phase from 7 May to 1 June, and a face-to-face week from 4 to 8 June. This week-long encounter of participants will take place in the ILO Centre Facilities in Turin.

The Empowering UN System Gender Focal Points, guided by the 1997 UN ECOSOC gender mainstreaming policy, strengthens agencies internal networks to accomplish gender equality and women’s empowerment goals. Thus, it is an introduction to gender mainstreaming, UN gender architecture and gender tools in the UN system. The main objectives of this training are to:

  • Deepen basic gender concepts;
  • Explore thematic areas dealing with key gender and women’s issues;
  • Understand gender architecture in the UN System;
  • The ability to apply gender mainstreaming tools; and
  • Developed skills in advocacy and communication.

The course contents and learning methodologies are constantly being updated to adapt to the remaining challenges that GFP face, and to address gender equality obstacles within the UN. As GFP’s tend to be part of their own agency structure and often sit on interagency networks and gender thematic groups within the UN Country Team, the course is also conceived as a process to accompany their role, providing a space of reflection for those who are at the forefront of the action.

Apply now to the course by clicking here (please remember to select the appropriate activity Title: Empowering UN System Gender Focal Points, Blended Training). For more information about course content and methodology you can also go to the ITC-ILO site or download detailed course flyer.