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Registration Open for Advanced Course on Gender Responsive Budgeting

6 June 2017

Gender-responsive budgeting (GRB) is a concept and a practical approach widely used in developed and developing countries in the last 35 years. It can serve as a tool to achieve the triple objective of promoting development, promoting gender equality and fulfill human rights. Gender budget initiatives analyze how governments raise and spend public money, with the aim of securing gender equality in decision-making about public resource allocation; and gender equality in the distribution of the impact of government budgets, both in their benefits and in their burdens.

Based on this experience, the UN Women Training Centre in coordination with the Leadership and Governance Section, has developed an Advanced Face-to-Face Course on Gender-Responsive Budgeting, one session in Spanish from 18-22 September in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and one in English from 9-13 October in Belgrade, Serbia.

flyer GRB in Spanish                      flyer grb english

This face-to-face course aims to combine theory with hands-on training to develop technical skills for implementing specific Gender Responsive Budgeting tools related to governmental spending.

Upon completion of the training, participants will be able to:

  1. Discuss GRB in an holistic way
  2. Examine key elements for GRB such as actors, strategies, good practices and challenges implementing GRB
  3. Interpret how technical tools for GRB can be tailored to different contexts

The course will be of particular benefit to development practitioners including United Nations System staff, researchers, policy-makers, civil society and advocates who are working on gender mainstreaming in different spheres such as public policy, planning and budgeting.

To apply to the GRB course in English (Serbia: 9-13 October) please click here. Applications are open until 7 August 2017. If you need additional information, you can send us an email to :

To apply to the GRB course in Spanish (Santo Domingo: 18-22 September), please click here. Applications are open until 28 July 2017.  If you need additional information, you can send us an email to :