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New resource: Working Paper Series

28 February 2017

In order to meet its overarching remit and guiding principles, the Training Centre is committed to producing evidence-based, practice-informed research on pertinent topics for the field of training for gender equality. In 2015, the Training Centre published Training for Gender Equality: Twenty Years On, which offers a preliminary review of how training for gender equality has evolved from the Beijing Platform for Action in 1995 to the present day. The paper represents a first step in mapping training for gender equality and identifying gaps in knowledge so as to advance understand and contribute to developing strategies for moving forward in this field.

This was followed in 2016 by the Compendium of Good Practices on Training for Gender Equality, a compilation of 10 exemplary cases from around the globe, designed to make both an empirical and analytical contribution geared towards maximizing the transformative potential of training for gender equality. Also in 2016, the Training Centre published its Typology of Training for Gender Equality, which offers a classification of “types” of training to support commissioners to plan, develop, design, deliver and evaluate training-related activities more strategically and realistically. The working paper also seeks to contribute to the standardization of terminology around training for gender equality.

Building on these publications, the Training Centre has recently produced three Working Papers – on Theory of Change, Feminist Pedagogies and Quality. The papers can be read together or individually. Their aim is to inform Training Centre practice, as well as to promote debate and exchange among key stakeholders and practitioners in the field of training for gender equality.

Click below to access the introduction as well as each Working Paper: