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Virtual Dialogue on Theory of Change and Feminist Pedagogies

16 September 2016

The UN Women Training Centre is pleased to announce the Virtual Dialogue: Theory of Change and Feminist Pedagogies in Training for Gender Equality, which aims to articulate theories of change for training for gender equality; and how feminist pedagogical principles can be applied to training to evoke such change.


This Virtual Dialogue will take place online from 3 - 21 October, 2016 on the UN Women Training Centre Training for Gender Equality Community of Practice (CoP).

The unique event will draw together an exceptionally broad audience, including the 1,600 members of the Training Centre’s Community of Practice (CoP), experts, practitioners, researchers, academics and development organizations in a unique space for participatory reflection to move forward debates on how to make training for gender equality ever more effective.

The Virtual Dialogue will consist of a series of moderated online discussions centered around the Theory of Change and feminist pedagogical principles. To guide these online discussions, the Virtual Dialogue includes a self-titled Webinar to take place on Wednesday 12 October 2016, 9:30 -11:30 am AST. Click here to register for the Webinar.

The Webinar and online discussions will feature the participation of the following invited expert speakers/panelists:

  • Dr. Myra Marx Ferree, Tenure Professor, Department of Sociology, University of Wisconsin, USA
  • Dr. Lucy Ferguson, Research Fellow at University Complutense of Madrid, Spain
  • Mr. Anand Pawar, Executive Director of SAMYAK, India
  • Dr. Chan Lean Heng, International Reference Panel for the Freire Institute, Malaysia

For full information regarding Virtual Dialogue programme and schedule, please consult the following concept note:

concept note cover

If you are not yet a member of our online Community of Practice and would like to participate in the Virtual Dialogue on Theory of Change and Feminist Pedagogies in Training for Gender Equality, click here to register on our eLearning Campus.