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The UN Women Training Center releases paper and tool for evaluating Training for Gender Equality

7 November 2018

The paper on Gender-Transformative Evaluation of Training for Gender Equality is now available through the UN Women Training Centre Resources Centre. This working-paper main objective is to develop a substantive conceptual and methodological approach to gender-transformative evaluation of training for gender equality (TfGE), building on the theoretical work previously done by the UN Women Training Centre on TfGE to date.


This paper draws on the principles of gender-responsive evaluation set out in the UN Women Evaluation Handbook (2015) and the UNEG Guidelines on Integrating Human Rights and Gender Equality in Evaluations (2014). In addition, the conceptual framework developed enriches these approaches by drawing on best practices from the broader field of feminist evaluation. The result is a reflexive approach that privileges the analysis of structural power dynamics and is committed to evaluation as a tool for empowerment and social change, in line with UN Women Training Centre’s overarching transformative approach to TfGE.

This is one of a series of Working Papers commissioned by the UN Women Training Centre, intended to generate debate, discussion and reflection between key actors in the field of training for gender equality – trainers, researchers, commissioners and training participants. It can either be read as a stand-alone paper or in conjunction with other documents from the series: Theory of Change, Feminist Pedagogies and Typology on Training for Gender Equality, among others. The paper is complemented by the Evaluation Tool for Training for Gender Equality: A Short Guide Towards Measuring Capacities and Transformation.