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Calling gender experts: UN Women announces new Roster of Gender Experts and Trainers

29 May 2013

UN Women, in collaboration with the UN System Staff College, today launched a call for experts to sign up to its new UN Women Expert and Trainer Roster initiative, an online database of experts who are available, as a global pool of gender experts, to work for UN Women.

The roster is a powerful platform that will help identify existing talent from around the world who can support UN Women’s work,” added Clemencia Muñoz Tamayo, Chief of the Training Centre and Country Representative for the Dominican Republic.

The UN Women Training Centre is the UN’s leading centre of excellence in training and in setting global standards in training for gender equality.

UN Women is inviting experts and trainers (individuals, not firms) on gender issues to share their professional experience and knowledge.

Currently, the registration is open to specialists in the areas of gender equality, economic empowerment, political participation, peace and security, and HIV/AIDS. The database is expected to expand to provide more opportunities to register in other subject areas.

The roster aims to help UN Women identify and mobilize a diverse range of experienced professionals and trainers on gender equality from around the world.

Details on how to apply and become part of this roster are available here.

To register, visit: