Template for Letter of Institutional Support

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Endorsement letter issuance date
Course Name
Responsible Institution’s Name
City / Country of Responsible Institution


UN Women Training Centre
Cesar Nicolas Penson 102A
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

I am pleased to propose <name> as a candidate for the Course <Course name>, to be held at <city/eLearning Campus>, on <date>, for a scholarship from the Training Centre that will partially cover the tuition costs, should he/she be selected.

As <position at the institution> of <Name of the institution> I endorse the nomination to participate in this course as well as the application for scholarship from the Training Centre.


I hereby certify that <Name of the participant> is a member of <personnel/student> of the <Name of the institution>, currently functioning as <position/role of the candidate>.


I hereby declare that I am aware of the rules governing the selection of candidates and I take joint responsibility for compliance of obligations to which the applicant must commit.



<Name/Last Name>
< position/role >

<Name of the institution>
<e-mail /phone number >

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