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Masculinities, GRB and Care Economy self-paced courses now available thanks to eCommerce function

30 November 2017

Three new introductory self-paced courses on Masculinities, Responsive Budgeting (GRB) and the Care Economy have been released by the UN Women Training Centre eLearning Campus. This launch is possible due to the addition of our eCommerce function which allows users to pay course registration fees directly through the online platform.

From now on, all users of who wish to enroll in any of the paid training programmes will be able to do so using their credit or debit cards, instead of solely through bank wire transfers. This same portal still houses all of the UN Women Training Centre’s free open-access courses. To see our extended list of available courses for 2018, follow this link.

These newly released self-paced courses aim to provide an introduction to their respective topics that allow learners to build foundational knowledge, share basic concepts, access relevant resources and link the subjects to global frameworks and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Understanding masculinities and violence against women and girls: An Introduction aims to provide understanding on masculinity and its connection to violence against women and girls, identifying actions to challenge harmful masculine norms and practices as a process to promote gender justice.

The Gender Responsive Budgeting (GRB) self-paced learning objectives are to advance knowledge on the relationship between GRB, gender equality, human rights, human development, and good governance. Users of this course will be able to recognize the predominant analytical frameworks and tools for GRB initiatives during the budget cycle, the potential scope of interventions and the role of possible key actors in these activities.

Introduction to Care Economy aims to enhance awareness, knowledge and understanding of the critical nature of care, care work, and care economy in the context of human development, gender equality and women’s empowerment.