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Upcoming Virtual Dialogue on INTERSECTIONALITY (October, 2017)

Upcoming Virtual Dialogue on INTERSECTIONALITY (October, 2017)

by Ruya Leghari -
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For those of you who haven't seen our latest UN Women Training Centre CoP Newsletter, we have scheduled an exciting new Virtual Dialogue on intersectionality in training for gender equality! The Virtual Dialogue will take place in October 2017, with a three week forum discussion and a live Webinar with expert speakers on the 11th of October (register here). 

You can read the detailed Concept Note here. As it explains, this Virtual Dialogue will be a unique, exciting opportunity for participatory reflection on the what, why and how of intersectionality in training - i.e. what intersectionality means in the context of training for gender equality; why it is important to take into account; and how we can address intersectionality in our training programmes. 

Please remember to take part and share the news with your networks - we'd like everyone interested in this key issue to participate!