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by 栄祥 林 -
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Happy month of Ramadan to those that celebrate this special occasion. Am signing up with the CoP series above in support of feminism. Will make an effort attending though I prefer working in the background instead of actively asking questions. Part of the reason why I am doing this, has a lot to do with supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal Five: Gender Equality. The opposition of Singapore has views that upset me in recent months becase they are against women in taking on important social roles. I wish to show not just my country Singapore but the planet Earth that even though we may not be a Islamic majority country, that we non Muslim Singaporeans are willing to support Muslim women in overcoming odds of conservative religious views. I aim to support our Speaker of Parliament who is the highest ranked Muslim woman in Singapore as our incoming President should She make a bid during Election nomination this year. I feel that women can do more than just being child bearing machines, and I am willing that my highest ranked politician in Singapore be a Muslim woman.