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CoP Interview Series (sign up now!)

CoP Interview Series (sign up now!)

by Ruya Leghari -
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We are happy to announce a new Community of Practice (CoP) Interview Series with experts that will run from the 15th of June, every alternate Thursday until the end of the year. 

Our first interview will be with Dr Lucy Ferguson, expert in training for gender equality on the 15th of June at 3pm Central European Time (CET, e.g. Paris, Berlin, Madrid, etc.)/9 am Eastern Standard Time (EST/AST, e.g. New York, Santo Domingo, etc.) You can sign up here! 

Read Dr Ferguson's biography here. We will be speaking to her about feminist pedagogies and online training for gender equality. 

If you attend the live interview, you'll have a chance to pose questions directly to the expert - otherwise, you can watch the interviews at any time on the CoP platform or the UN Women Training Centre's YouTube channel. 

Future interviews will be held on: 

  • Thursday, 15th June, 3pm CET (Register here) with Dr Lucy Ferguson of Madrid's Complutense University and international gender consultant 
  • Thursday, 29th June, 3pm CET (Register here) with Daniela Moreno Alarcón, gender trainer
  • Thursday, 13th July, 3pm CET (Register here) with Elisabeth Hoffman of the francophone Genre en Action network
  • Thursday, 27th July, 3 pm CET (Register here) with Anand Pawar of SAMYAK Pune
  • Thursday, 10th August, 3 pm CET (Register here) with Jane Kato-Wallace of Promundo
  • Thursday, 24th August, 3pm CET (Register here) (speaker to be confirmed)

I'll be posting information on who we will be interviewing, and further dates here - stay tuned for more information. 

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Re: CoP Interview Series (sign up now!)

by 栄祥 林 -

Happy month of Ramadan to those that celebrate this special occasion. Am signing up with the CoP series above in support of feminism. Will make an effort attending though I prefer working in the background instead of actively asking questions. Part of the reason why I am doing this, has a lot to do with supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal Five: Gender Equality. The opposition of Singapore has views that upset me in recent months becase they are against women in taking on important social roles. I wish to show not just my country Singapore but the planet Earth that even though we may not be a Islamic majority country, that we non Muslim Singaporeans are willing to support Muslim women in overcoming odds of conservative religious views. I aim to support our Speaker of Parliament who is the highest ranked Muslim woman in Singapore as our incoming President should She make a bid during Election nomination this year. I feel that women can do more than just being child bearing machines, and I am willing that my highest ranked politician in Singapore be a Muslim woman.