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Virtual dialogues are online discussions that aim to motivate debate, exchange of good practices, resources, ideas, and information on different topics related to Training for Gender Equality that respond to the interests, needs and mission of the UN Women Community of Practice.

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This discussion forum is a space in which CoP members can post threads on topics related to training for gender equality – we hope that this will become a focal point for debates and exchange between our members.

NEW BROCHURE OF COP MEMBERS' STORIES: Personal story on training on gender equality

by Nadège Mamas MAVOUNGOU -
Through the course on gender equality, I have acquired basic and more complex notions about the issue. I think that a collective  awareness for gender equality should start from teaching students  about its importance in the development of countries ans the world . As a teacher, the training has really prepared me to professionally play that role in my classrooms and outside.As long as the course will be offered,I will continue to take it because it has also permitted me  share my views on related topics or directly ask questions to experts. I had no difficulties in learning.

(Edited by Ruya Leghari - original submission Sunday, 27 August 2017, 9:20 PM)

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by Virginia Berlinerblau -


me interesa compartir opiniones acerca de pericias psiquiátricas y psicológicas a personas que han sufrido violencia de género y  qué criterios consideran válidos para ponderar si se han realizado con perspectiva de género.

Un saludo cordial

Virginia Berlinerblau

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Link to seminar

by José María Toledo Soto -
Would it be possible to please record the seminar recording, I could not get the content of the seminar, there was no good connection, thanks.

gender responsive budgeting

by Umut ilkay KAVLAK -

I looked at the webinar at DEVCO's website, audiovisual quality of the webinar is terrible.  The UN WOMEN training on gender responsive budgeting  (GRP) is charged with 60 USD. Isn't there any free of charge but still good quality online training or source of information on GRP?

CoP Interview Recordings & Upcoming interview with Otgonbaatar Tsedendemberel on 7 September

by Ruya Leghari -

Thank you to everyone who tuned in to the first interview in our CoP Interview series with Dr Lucy Ferguson on feminist pedagogies in training for gender equality. 

Here is an audio recording of our interview: 

You can access the paper on Feminist Peagogies prepared by Dr Ferguson for the UN Women Training Centre here:

As she stressed during the interview, this is a Working Paper so we invite your comments and hope to generate debate about feminist pedagogical principles in training for gender equality, and how we can apply these in practice. What are your thoughts on this? 

climate and Gender


more training are need about women and climate change in africa and how to go in  into

adaptation.On November 2018 I attended to a forum and the end of it I built a belief that a lot need to be done on this subject in Africa

gender form


I have been undertaking women advocacy with  most of my writing articles world wide for more than 20 years now and I happy to be so and continue with it all a long

One may read most of my works at

MANY of us are yet to know or come to understand how our sisters and mothers are suffering in South Sudan ,going through rape and other deadly spores and always in danger

Much the UN is shouting more the continue to be VIOLATED  and  is the high the world should wake up and help in out this--------